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NY Energy Project for Fandi Mata Restaurant


Client: Fandi Mata Restaurant
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Project Duration: 2020 – Present

Project Scope

The NY Energy Project, spearheaded for Fandi Mata, a new restaurant in Brooklyn, encapsulates the installation and integration of various smart energy solutions. The project aimed to improve energy efficiency while ensuring customers a comfortable and adaptive dining environment.

Implemented Solutions

  1. LED Lighting System with Smart Light Fixtures and LED Strips: A central aspect of the project was installing an advanced LED lighting system, complete with smart light fixtures and LED strips. These components work in harmony to create an ambiance that aligns with Fandi Mata’s unique vibe, adaptable for various themes and events.
  2. Smart Switches: Smart switches were installed to complement the lighting system. These allow for effortless control over the lighting ambiance, contributing to the restaurant’s dynamic and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Smart Thermostats and Climate Control: To ensure a comfortable environment, smart thermostats have been integrated to adapt to the indoor climate based on external weather conditions, always maintaining an optimal dining environment.
  4. Advanced Smart AC and Heaters: The smart air conditioning and heating systems are a crucial part of maintaining a consistent and pleasant temperature, enhancing the comfort of guests.
  5. Intelligent Ventilation System: The smart ventilation system adjusts airflow based on occupancy and activity, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere at all times.

Control and Monitoring

The entire system is easily managed through a central tablet, allowing the restaurant staff to adjust lighting, temperature, and ventilation settings seamlessly. This integration not only contributes to energy efficiency but also enhances the overall dining experience.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With these smart energy solutions, Fandi Mata has significantly reduced its energy consumption, supporting sustainability while maintaining its commitment to an enchanting and unique dining experience.


The NY Energy project for Fandi Mata Restaurant exemplifies integrating modern technology with hospitality, creating an energy-efficient, comfortable, and captivating dining environment. It underscores the restaurant’s dedication to sustainability and passion for delivering every guest an unforgettable experience.

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