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A Detailed Home Energy Audit is like a health screening for your house. Think of it as a chance to deeply inspect your home to find spots that can be better. It also lets homeowners spot any issues or discomforts they’ve been facing. Here, NY Energy Project acts as your home’s energy specialist, and we’re ready to assist new clients.

Understanding the Home Energy Check Process

We’ll also provide your Queens or Brooklyn home with a thermal scan, often called a thermographic inspection. We can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing warmth using specialized cameras that detect heat and display colors for different temperatures. From there, we can suggest the best steps forward.

During this free check, we dive deep, looking at each room carefully. We also inspect the outside of your home. Important aspects, such as previous energy bills, window sealing, and door sealing, are all part of our thorough review.

As Part of Our Home Energy Check, We Seek Solutions, and You Gain Peace of Mind.

Much like a thorough doctor’s appointment, NY Energy Project will inquire about various aspects to understand both your and your home’s needs. Some questions we might pose include:

  • Do you feel drafts in certain rooms?
  • Do you notice moisture buildup inside or have comfort concerns?
  • How much are the annual energy bills for the home?
  • Is someone usually at home during work hours?
  • What are the typical thermostat settings during summer and winter?
  • How many residents are in the home?
  • Are all rooms of the home regularly occupied?

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Curious About Potential Savings on Your Energy Bill?

With NY Energy Project’s free home energy check, we offer an in-depth report on your home’s energy consumption and suggest upgrades based on data from your utility provider, findings from the energy check, and cutting-edge home energy analysis software. Using this information, we create a customized plan suited to your unique requirements and give you a dependable estimate of annual energy savings you can expect.

Typically, our detailed air sealing and insulation solutions pay off in under ten years.

NY Energy Project: Your Local Expert for Free Home Energy Checks in New York

Our team, backed by specialized expertise and advanced tools, can accurately diagnose energy inefficiencies in your home, providing solutions that not only reduce your energy bills but also enhance comfort levels.

We proudly offer these free home energy evaluations across numerous cities and towns in NY, including but not limited to:

  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Queens, NY
  • Staten Island, NY
  • Surrounding Neighborhoods

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