Thermal Imaging

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Constantly feeling cold even when the heater’s on full blast? Your home might have sneaky leaks, letting your warmth (and hard-earned money) drift away.

NY Energy Project is here to help. Our state-of-the-art infrared thermal imaging camera can spot exactly where those leaks are.

The Magic of Thermal Imaging Explained

So, what’s this thermal imaging about? Think of it as a special camera that shows your home’s “cold spots.” It uses colors and heat sensors to reveal where you’re losing heat. These spots are often invisible to us, but they’re likely the reason you’re wrapping up in extra layers and facing steep energy bills. Let’s get that warmth back where it belongs – inside your home!

How NY Energy Project’s Thermal Imaging Services Benefit You

NY Energy Project’s Thermal Imaging is our way of targeting problem areas in your home with laser-like precision. We then use top-notch products to seal gaps, ensuring your house stays snug and warm. That’s why we stand proudly behind our name – NY Energy Project. No drafts, just comfort.

With Thermal Imaging, We Can Spot Typical Heat Escape Culprits, Such As:

  • Windows
  • Exterior Doors
  • Bay and Picture Windows
  • Exhaust Vents
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Storm Doors
  • Under-Insulated Roofs

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