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Windows and doors, we are not just fixing them; we’re crafting comfort and slashing those pesky energy bills. We are armed with caulk guns and weather-stripping, ready to track down and seal up those gaps and cracks that let your precious heated or cooled air escape.

Why Weatherize

  • No More Drafty Rooms: Enjoy a cozy blanket of warmth in winter and a cool oasis in summer.
  • Cut Those Energy Costs: When your HVAC system isn’t fighting against air leaks, your wallet gets a break.
  • Eco-Friendly Living: Less energy used means a happier planet. Be the change in Brooklyn and Queens!
  • Peace and Quiet: Weatherization also means less noise sneaking in. Say hello to more tranquil nights.

Our Weatherization Magic

  • Airtight Assessment: We thoroughly inspect because even the tiniest gap matters.
  • Customized Solutions: Every home is unique, and so are our weatherization strategies.
  • Quality Materials: We use top-notch materials for lasting results. No quick fixes here!
  • Skilled Hands: Our experts are like surgeons with their precision and care.

Beyond Just Weatherization

While sealing up doors and windows is our thing, we don’t stop there. Pairing this with insulation upgrades can turn your home into an energy fortress. Don’t let that old, saggy insulation be the weak link in your defense against the elements.

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Let’s make those energy bills shrink, and your home comfort soar. Schedule your home energy audit with NY Energy Project now and step into a more efficient, comfortable home tomorrow.

*We do NOT install new doors or windows

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