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You might never think of leaving a window open in the freezing Brooklyn winter or on Queen’s summer day when the AC’s full tilt. Yet, those tiny gaps around your house might be equivalent to a perpetually open window!

With professional air sealing services from Energy Savers, our team of home performance experts can locate and seal up the gaps and cracks in your home that allow outside air to infiltrate your home, undermining your living spaces’ comfort and energy efficiency. Air sealing also helps keep outdoor air pollutants out of your home, especially in your home’s crawl space, making your house healthier and safer for your family.

Understanding Air Sealing

Ensuring a completely airtight seal in Brooklyn and Queens, even in newer homes, is challenging. Air leaks often lurk in attics, basements, crawl spaces, or around old doors and windows.

Air sealing involves identifying these breaches and sealing them using specialized materials. At NY Energy Project, we employ a diagnostic tool called the blower door test to gauge the amount of leakage in a home. Using infrared imaging cameras, we then seal these gaps efficiently.

Insulation and Air Sealing

While air sealing bars external elements from infiltrating your space, insulation plays its role by restricting temperature fluctuations through your home’s walls and roof. Although many homes in Brooklyn and Queens might have insulation, it’s often insufficient or deteriorated. Upgrading insulation and ensuring effective air sealing complement each other, enhancing their collective impact.

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Combat Winter Ice Dams

Brooklyn and Queens homes often grapple with ice dams in winter due to ineffective insulation and air leaks. Proper air sealing and insulation from the NY Energy Project can help you sidestep issues like water damage and mold growth caused by these ice dams.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Air sealing addresses common issues like:

  • Fluctuating room temperatures
  • Decreased indoor air quality
  • Subpar HVAC performance
  • Prominent icicles and ice dams
  • Drafts in the house
  • Cold floors during mornings
  • Escalated energy bills
  • Excessive indoor moisture
  • Pest problems

By effectively sealing your home, you reduce your reliance on HVAC and might also notice enhanced air quality.

NY Energy Project: Brooklyn and Queens’ Premier Energy Experts

At NY Energy Project, we aim to improve your home’s comfort and health while minimizing energy consumption and costs. To determine if your Brooklyn or Queens residence requires air sealing or other energy-efficient modifications, book an energy audit with NY Energy Project. Excitingly, some might even qualify for a free grant!

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